Courage to listen

The Courage to Listen

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In our post titled Courage to Conquer, we defined courage as “mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty”. While this is a correct definition, there is another dimension of courage that deals with the control of strength. We call it the Courage to listen.

The Courage to take Calculated Risks

The Courage to Take Calculated Risks

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It is said that the greatest risk in life is to not take any risks. In fact, nothing outstanding is ever really achieved without taking some kind of risk. Many successful business men are known to attribute their success to the successful risks they took early on. The key is in taking calculated risks that are carefully planned out and have a higher chance of success. In this post, we take a look at how to gather up the courage to take calculated risks.

The Power of Purpose and Direction

The Power of Purpose and Direction

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In our post today, we will be taking a look at the power of purpose and direction as they relate to courage. To do that, we will discuss a quote by President John F. Kennedy about effort and courage. Finally, we will conclude by reviewing the meaning of purpose and direction and how to use them to achieve one’s goals.

Are you crazy enough

Are you crazy enough?

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So the thought for the day is this: Are you crazy enough to believe you can change the world? What dreams did you have as a child? What crazy ideas did you cook up and promise yourself you would accomplish when you grew older? Think about those dreams you had for a few minutes.

seizing opportunity

Seizing Opportunity

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Opportunity, they say, is like a bald-headed man with a small patch of hair in front of his head. If you don’t grab hold of it while it’s confronting you, it will slip away. Funny as this may be to imagine, it is quite true. Untold opportunities have been lost due to carelessness and lack of preparation. So how do you seize opportunity when it confronts you? How does one recognize opportunity early enough to grab a hold of it and make the most of it? In this Innovate Today post, we explore some ways to do just that.