Twenty-Two Things to be Grateful for this New Year

Twenty-Two Things to be Grateful for this New Year

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In this post, we would like to share twenty-two things to be grateful for today. It is interesting to note that the primary reason many people are discontent with their lives is because of ingratitude. In fact, it is quite easy to become indifferent about good things that happen to us or around us. When that happens, we sadly, only focus on those little things that don’t seem to go our way. Today, we encourage you to take some time to reflect and identify specific things to be thankful for. As we try to be more grateful every day, we will find that our lives are better for it.

Have you heard of that popular saying from a song written back in 1897 about “counting your blessings”? Well, if you have, it is an admonition that’s worth putting into practice. Most times however, we instead tend to count our problems and leave our blessings ignored. As we said earlier, such an attitude easily leads to discontent and a focus on our troubles. One easy way to identify things to be grateful for is to consider those less fortunate than we are. An understanding of what others don’t have and how much they need it could help us become more thankful.

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In the next section, we will list out twenty-two things to be grateful for today and every day.

Twenty-Two Things to be Grateful For

Being grateful can sometime require some effort. This is especially true when things are difficult. Regardless though, its still important to have a thankful heart in such times. Here are twenty-two reasons to get you in that attitude of gratitude and find more specific reasons to be thankful:

  1. We should be grateful for being alive
  2. We should be grateful for our Family
  3. That we have a Roof over our Heads
  4. For Love
  5. For good Friends
  6. Good Health
  7. That we can breathe fresh air all around us
  8. For our Safety and Security and that of our family
  9. That we can Sleep comfortably and peacefully
  10. For good Food
  11. For the ability to make our own Choices
  12. That we have a profitable Job or source of Income
  13. That we have a sound, functional Mind
  14. For the experiences that molded us
  15. For the kindness of Strangers
  16. That we have access to Medication and Healthcare
  17. For the ability to Learn
  18. For our Eyesight and for Vision
  19. That we have access to Technology
  20. For Time
  21. For our Education
  22. That we have Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Expression

We encourage you to also put together a personal list of twenty-two things you’re thankful for today. We guarantee that when you’re done with that list, you will have a sunnier, happier outlook on life.

Are there other general things to be grateful for every day that are not included in our list? Let us know what those things are by leaving us a comment at the end of this post. As always, we would love to hear from you.

Today’s Funny Quote

For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat and wrong. H. L. Mencken

Our funny quote for today is by H. L. Mencken, the American Journalist and Scholar of American English. He said:

For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat, and wrong.

As the year shifts into full gear, take time to identify reasons why you should be grateful or every day. You’ll find this exercise extremely helpful as the year progresses.

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