Seven Practical Reasons to perform a Website Redesign

Seven Practical Reasons to perform a Website Redesign

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After the year we’ve had, most business readily acknowledge that having an online presence of some sort is important. This is because while many businesses had to stop working due to covid-19 restrictions, those with websites didn’t need to. This led to increased income and market share for some during those difficult times. However, did everyone with a website enjoy increased sales and market share? Certainly not. For example, if your website was not built to handle ecommerce sales and contact requests, owning it wouldn’t have helped. In such a case, you would have needed to perform a website redesign or hire someone to do it. And while such a redesign would obviously cost you money, it would have been money well spent in the end. So, in our post today, we will share seven practical reasons why you should consider redesigning your website. We hope to convince you of its added value and encourage you to begin the process with us at Innovate Design Studios.

Back in the late 90’s, owning a website and giving it good publicity was all anyone needed for online sales. Sadly, today, that is not the case. Several additional factors like website security, SEO, responsiveness, website speed, etc. must also be seriously considered. The good news though is that web-based business is thriving and here to stay. So, if you have a less than optimized website, all you need is some help to get things right.

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In the next section, we will take a brief look at what it means to redesign a website.

What is a Website Redesign?

A website redesign can be defined simply as restructuring and optimization of an existing website. It means updating and optimizing an existing website for speed, security, SEO, social media, and a range of other features.

Ultimately, such a project would be done with the objective to increase sales, website traffic, or brand awareness.

On that note, here are seven practical reasons why redesigning a website may be beneficial to a business.

Seven Practical Reasons to perform a Website Redesign
  1. User Friendliness and Mobile Responsiveness: It’s amazing to think that just five years ago, issues like user experience and mobile responsiveness were not prioritized. Today though, these issues can determine one’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings. In fact, they are so important that Google ranks mobile responsiveness higher than desktop results. They figured rightly that since people almost always have their phones with them, mobile results are more important. As a website owner, this means that if your website does not adjust to various viewports, you could lose customers. So, if your website is not responsive or user friendly, you may want to consider redesigning it.
  2. Website Speed: Another reason to consider doing a website redesign is if your website is slow. By today’s standards, if your website loads in less than 3 seconds, it is slow. Research has proven that websites that load 1-2 seconds longer lose almost 30% of potential website visitors. Website speed is affected by a range of issues such as server speed, image sizes, html, CSS, and JavaScript files.
  3. You need to add new Website Features: A useful website feature to consider adding to your website is a robust contact form. Such a form should allow for secure visitor inputs, including submission confirmations and uploads (where necessary). Today, website visitors prefer to contact businesses via online forms or online chat portals for immediate feedback. If your website does not have such robust features, you may need to consider a website redesign.
  4. Low Rankings and poor SEO performance: Do you have systems in place that monitor how many people visit your website daily? Do you know the city the bulk of your traffic comes from, or their gender or age group? Also, do you know what keywords your website ranks highest for? These are website analytics data information that you should have constant access to. This is because such data can help inform you about your website visitors and what they want. You can then prepare a solution that gives them what they want while increasing your website sales.
  5. Your website no longer reflects your Brand: A company’s brand’s identity is usually communicated to prospective customers through their website and social media pages. If for any reason, your website no longer reflects who you are or what you can offer customers, it may be time to redesign. Such a redesigning would help bring your priorities in front of prospective and repeat customers.
  6. Outdated Design: Also, if your website design is outdated or difficult to navigate, it could negatively affect your business sales. An updated website would show customers that you are still in business and can offer products or solutions they need.
  7. Poor Website Security: As you can imagine, website security is an important issue when it comes to online sales and communication. Unsecure, malware infected or hacked websites can affect customers and even get a website blacklisted by Google. Today, modern websites have SSL Certificates that encrypt user information and personal or bank details. An unsecure website will prevent customers from attempting to make purchases on a website. A website redesign should ensure that a website is encrypted and has redundant security features built into it.

A modern website can be an asset and brand for a company. However, they must be constantly maintained, updated and occasionally, redesigned. How modern is your website? Does it have an SSL Certificate? Is it fast and integrated with social media platforms? If it is not and you would like to ask some questions about the website redesign process, please contact us. We would be glad to answer your questions and help with your redesign project.

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