Five proven Sales Strategies that Work

Five proven Sales Strategies that Work

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Every businessperson goes into business for one primary purpose; to make profit. And while there may be other reasons why a business gets started, this is most often the fundamental reason. However, making a profit requires several things such as products, an efficient team, and an effective sales strategy. In our opinion, the right sales strategies are just as important as products because they are needed to make profit. Sadly, this is the dilemma of many businesses; they have excellent products but do not have an effective sales strategy. So, in this post, we will share five effective, proven sales strategies that have worked for entrepreneurs and startups. We believe that anyone that consistently uses these techniques in their business will ultimately see outstanding results and profits follow.

Like we said earlier, after investing in and developing an excellent product, the next hurdle to tackle is sales. How do you get your product (or service) to customers who will buy your product? This is where one’s selected sales strategies come into play.

A sales strategy puts in place a plan to get your products into the hands of paying customers. It should include your plans for marketing and distribution and allow for updates based on results and customer feedback.

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Next, we will briefly discuss what a sales strategy is.

What is a Sales Strategy?

A sales strategy is a plan that details a company’s tactics for gaining a competitive market advantage. According to Gartner, the research and advisory company, it is “an organization’s plan to drive sales performance, innovation and growth by better penetrating existing markets and growing share of current customer wallet”. In other words, it is a company’s plan to make sales, increase those sales and multiply market shares.

In the next section, we will discuss some of the benefits of having a Sales Strategy.

Benefits of having a Sales Strategy

Without question, sales are the lifeblood of any business. As a result, it is important to clearly define how sales should be made and who one’s ideal customer is.

Here are some practical benefits of having a sales strategy for your business:

  1. A sales strategy gives your sales team direction and specific goals to aim towards.
  2. It improves your sales team’s Return on Investments (ROI).
  3. Sales strategies help generate real, quantifiable profits.
  4. An effective sales strategy usually identifies a company’s ideal market segment and customer base.
  5. It helps produce a tactic that wins customers over because it takes into consideration, the needs of customers.

On that note, we will proceed to discuss five proven sales strategies that work.

Five proven Sales Strategies that Work

Here are five effective sales strategy that work:

  1. Start with Specific Goals: As with everything else in life, success should be measured against specific goals. Setting sales goals is useful because it helps measure one’s progress towards its achievement.
  2. Analyze your past Sales: Another effective sales strategy is to analyze past sales in comparison to each other. Doing this helps identify patterns of purchase, including periods of increase and decrease. Analysis of sales data can also help identify ideal demographics, and cities for highest sales. Additionally, such analysis can be useful for refining existing sales strategies for even better performance.
  3. Clearly articulate End Results: Every prospective customer is primarily interested in what they have to gain from their purchases. Clearly articulating the benefits of purchasing your products can help them make their purchase decision easier.
  4. Be Flexible: Being flexible entails being willing to accept customer demands and engage in post-purchase customer service. Such a tactic usually guarantees repeat purchases and return customers.
  5. Give your undivided attention to Sales Calls: Communication with customers is an integral part of any customers sales strategy. This includes communication with prospective customers via phone calls and emails. When engaging a prospective client over the phone, it is important to give them your undivided attention. By showing an interest in their concerns you can provide additional clarity that may encourage them to purchase your product.

What other sales strategies have you used in your business that have proven effective? How do you reach out to new customers in your business? Let us know by leaving a comment at the end of this post.

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