How to Succeed in Life: Ten things to give up

How to Succeed in Life: Ten things to give up

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Winston Churchill, the great British Statesman and Prime Minister is credited with this interesting quote about success. He said: “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”. In other words, to succeed in life, we must persist in its pursuit, regardless of whether we fail or succeed. As you can imagine, persisting in our pursuit of success can sometimes be difficult. For example, we must be persistent, hardworking, courageous, take risks and many more things. However, besides these, there are things we need to stop doing if we hope to succeed in life. So, in our post today, we will review the subject of how to succeed in life, but from the angle of things to give up. We believe that just as there are things that one must do to succeed, there are also things to not do. Like the flip side of a coin, we will see that achieving success consists of both dos and don’ts.

One of the foundational truths about success is that it requires sacrifices. In other words, to achieve great success, we must give up or differ things we are naturally inclined to do. A practical example of this is sleep. Sometimes, to succeed, one must give up sleep and comfort, in exchange for hard work on a task. That simple exchange can be the defining factor in determining if one becomes successful in life.

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In the next section, we will look at what it means to be successful in life.

What it means to be Successful in Life

There is a lot of talk these days about success. Everyone wants to be successful; in life, in business, in their families and really, in everything. But what does it mean to be successful in life? Does it mean making a lot of money? Or being famous?

The simple dictionary definition of success explains it to mean the accomplishment of an aim, goal, or purpose. Other definitions explain it to mean the achievement of a desired or favorable outcome.

Based on these definitions, one can infer that success in life is dependent on what one’s goals in life are. In addition, it will be extremely difficult to measure how successful one is if one has no goals.

Ten Things to give up to Succeed in Life

Like we said earlier, there are things one must do and stop doing to succeed at any endeavor. Here are ten such things to give up to succeed in life:

  1. An Unhealthy Lifestyle: What is the worth of success is one is not healthy enough to enjoy it? While this may sound redundant, excessive eating, drinking and other unhealthy lifestyle choices should be avoided to succeed in life. Instead, a health-conscious lifestyle should be employed, including exercise, dieting and an aversion to excesses. Such a lifestyle naturally improves one’s quality of life and allows for good decision making.
  2. Excuses: It is a wise decision to avoid giving excuses. This is because excuses give one an avenue to escape responsibility for their actions. This is particularly harmful when you make those excuses for yourself. Instead of giving excuses, form a habit of taking responsibility for personal lapses and failures. The worst thing to do after a failure is to make excuses for them.
  3. A Rigid Mindset: Another thing to give up in order to succeed in life is a rigid mindset. To be successful, one must be flexible, open to change and willing to embrace new ideas.
  4. The Fear of Uncertainty: It is not unusual to fear the unknown. However, letting that fear prevent us from taking any steps at all is dangerous. Instead, we must build our courage and willingness to take calculated risks to succeed.
  5. Distractions: A distraction is anything that can take one’s attention off a specific task. As you pursue your goals and dreams, you will also face many distractions. The secret though is in understanding what has the higher priority. Most times, distractions are legitimate things that should be done but at the wrong time. By prioritizing ones assignments and breaks, one can prevent them from keeping us from success
  6. Past Failures: Another thing to give up to be successful in life are our past failures. Those feeling of failure and its fear, if held can prevent us from success in the future. Instead, we must learn from past failures and find the courage to continue as Winston Churchill put it.
  7. The need to be Liked: Man is a social being and is naturally inclined to seek out the company and friendship of others. However, when that desire affects our ability to make sound decisions or succeed, it must be put aside. Success requires us to understand that not everyone will not like our ideas or dreams. However, that must not stop us from pursuing them. Instead, we should gravitate to our areas of strength and to those that like, encourage, and support us.
  8. Comparison: While competition can push us to strive to be better than others, comparison only points out our weaknesses. Instead of comparing yourself or your business with others, learn what they do and compete with them.
  9. Trying to do everything Yourself: As the saying goes, success is always a group effort. To succeed in life, we must understand that we will need the support of others. Understanding that fact and knowing when to engage their support can ultimately determine whether we succeed or fail in life.
  10. Waiting for the Right Time: There is an ancient saying about how he that looks to the sky for rain will never sow grains. In the same way, if one attempts to wait for the perfect opportunity, it might never come. Opportunities for success rarely come with announcements and often require one seize them right away. If one must succeed in life, one must be ready to take opportunity at a moment’s notice.

What things have you had to give up to be successful in life? What does success in life mean to you? Leave us a comment or message at the end of this post with your thoughts. We would really love to hear from you. Or just say hi so we know you’re reading our post.

Final Thoughts

Like we said earlier, this subject is like a two-sided coin. On the one side, there are things to do to succeed and on the other, things to not do.

That being said, its important to mention that the things to do and not do are tied to each other. For example, not giving excuses alone is by itself not going to lead to success. It is the combination of not giving excuses and taking responsibility for one’s actions that will lead to success.

We encourage you to engage both these do’s and don’ts to become truly successful.

Today’s Funny Quote

Be like a postage stamp. Stick to a thing till you get there. Josh Billings

Our funny quote today is by Josh Billings, the American Humorist. He said:

Be like a postage stamp. Stick to a thing till you get there.

Are you like a postage stamp? Do you stick to a thing till you get there or do you fall off along the way? Wouldn’t it be funny if everyone could categorize themselves in this way?

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