How to make a Positive Impact on your World

How to make a Positive Impact on your World

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History is filled with the stories of people who have made remarkable and positive contributions to the world. People like Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi and more recently, Steve Jobs, will almost certainly never be forgotten. However, reviewing their life’s work, while inspiring, can be particularly overwhelming, especially when compared to one’s personal achievements so far. The truth is that for most of us, what we have accomplished is very small compared to these juggernauts. This realization further begs the question of how one can make positive, meaningful impact on our world. For example, how did Mahatma Gandhi rally India together to stand against British colonial rule in a non-violent manner? Or how did Martin Luther King Jr. bring the African American community together in the 1963 March on Washington? These people accomplished seemingly impossible feats, and by so doing have left their imprints boldly in the sands of time. In this post, we answer the question of how to make a positive impact on your world. In addition, we share simple, practical things anyone can do to make a positive impact. We hope this post inspires you deeply.

Here are a few things we’ve discovered about the greatest achievements in history. First, they were made by people who were not really looking for fame. Most often, they were made by people who just wanted to make a contribution. Of course, some also wanted to be rich and famous, but their driving motivation was to contribute to society. They identified a problem, were passionate about fixing it and didn’t stop till a solution was found. Second, these achievements were the result of a buildup of their life’s work and not instant achievements. For example, before his great achievements, Gandhi was a Lawyer and anti-colonial nationalist for decades. His achievements came from the culmination of years of hard work and persistence. The same goes for Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, Mother Theresa and so many others.

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In the following section, we’ll jump right into practical steps anyone can take to make a positive impact.

Practical steps Anyone can take to make an Impact

Like we said earlier, there are two things to bear in mind about making an impact on your world. First, let your desire to contribute to society be your primary motivation. Second, start with little things, be consistent and persevere regardless of difficulties you face.

 On that note, here are seven practical ways to begin impacting your world:

  1. Donate: At the end of the day, making an impact on your world is all about giving. In this case, we mean giving money, clothing or other resources that can improve the lives of others. These donations can be made to charity, the homeless or towards education. As you probably know, people who give to specific initiatives for public good are known as Philanthropists.
  2. Volunteer: Another way to make a positive impact is to give your time and efforts to a cause you believe in. When you do, you will be making a difference in something you are passionate about.
  3. Speak up against Injustice: It was Edmund Burke, the Irish Statesman and Philosopher that phrased this issue perfectly. He said: The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Evil and injustice thrive when good people keep quiet and refuse to collaborate.
  4. Be a positive Role Model: This means we must be the change we want to see in others by being an example in word and deed. As a role model, you can show others how things out to be done.
  5. Treat Others the way You’d like to be treated: This is the principle of the Golden rule. However, it also goes beyond being just kind to people. By treating people with respect, you show them true morals and provide opportunity to reciprocate.
  6. Spend Quality Time with Family: You may be wondering how spending quality time with your family can amount to positive impact on your world. The truth is that families are the building blocks of communities, societies, nations, and the world. Your impact on your family has the potential to impact others in society and even the world.
  7. Be Optimistic: Optimism, like creativity, is infectious. Choosing to be optimistic despite negativity can inspire others to do the same. And where there is optimism, there is hope, and where hope is, there is life. You will not believe how many dreams have died because hope was lost. So, keep your optimism up and help others keep their hope alive.

How are you making a positive impact on your world? What steps are you taking to do it? Are you trying to do something big or doing little things consistently over time? Feel free to leave us your thoughts and comments at the end of this post. We would love to hear from you.

Today’s Funny Quote

If you want your children to listen, try talking softly to someone else. 0Ann Landers

As is our custom, we will end this post with a funny quote. Our funny quote today is by Ann Landers, the Chicago Sun-Times Advice Columnist

If you want your children to listen, try talking softly to someone else.

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