Seven Essential Personal Qualities for a Successful Year ahead

Seven Essential Personal Qualities for a Successful Year ahead

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We are now practically in the final days of the year. And while we are grateful for all we achieved this year, we hope to have a more successful year ahead. However, to be successful in the new year, and in life generally, we must embrace certain essential personal qualities. For example, personal qualities such as courage, passion, and commitment may just be the distinguishing traits of successes next year. So, in this post, we would like to share seven essential personal qualities for a successful year ahead.

Regardless of who you are, chances are that you will be successful if you have certain personal traits. For example, people who do not give up easily are more likely to succeed. The same is true about people who are passionate, courageous, and committed to what they do. As we consider this topic, we must ask which of these traits are essential for creating success and which are not. To put it differently, which personal traits are more important for creating success.

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In the next section, we look at seven essential personal qualities for a successful year ahead.

Seven Essential Personal Qualities for a Successful Year Ahead

Like we discussed earlier in this post, everyone has personal qualities. However, there are certain essential qualities needed to achieve success. Here are is a list of some of those qualities:

  1. Passion: Passion is an essential personal quality for guaranteeing success because it provides the drive needed to succeed at any task. Research shows that a person is more likely to know more about something they are passionate about. This is because passion also creates interest, which in turn helps our understanding. So, chances are that if you’re not passionate about what you do, you might not be very successful at it.
  2. Patience: Besides passion, patience is another essential personal quality needed for success. Patience helps us realize that we need to grow to succeed, as opposed to jump. It helps us understand that stable success is never overnight success. In fact, most so-called overnight successes have actually been in the making secretly for years. Patience also helps one realize that though it may take time, one will eventually become successful.
  3. Commitment: This is a quality that keeps one dedicated to a chosen cause or activity. It is often said that if you can remain committed and consistent long enough, you can succeed at anything. We strongly believe this to be true.
  4. Resilience: Resilience is the ability to adapt in the face of adversity, difficulty, stress or even failure. Being strong enough to get up every time one is knocked down is often the difference between success and failure. And since life is full of uncertainty, such resilience will keep one moving forward no matter what happens.
  5. Integrity: Living a successful, honest, meaningful, and impactful life may be difficult without integrity. Integrity is the personal quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. This quality is unique because it tends to define a person, business, or product. Think about it for a second. People know other people or businesses who have integrity. Also, people know products that are of high quality and those that are not.
  6. Optimism: Optimism is another essential personal quality that keeps one hopeful and confident about the future. To have a successful year ahead, one must hold on to this trait, especially in the face of disappointment. Contrary to popular definitions, optimism is not blind, wishful, lazy hope. Rather, it is a confidence that the future can be better if one works hard at it.
  7. Courage: The last essential personal quality on our list for a successful year ahead is courage. This quality allows you to defy the odds, take calculated risks and also win big. As André Gide, the French Author and Nobel Laureate eloquently said, “You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”
How to set yourself up for success in the New Year

Now that we’ve reviewed some essential personal qualities, here are some ways to prepare for success in the year ahead.

  1. Consider Reviewing and Adjusting: Before the year finally winds down, take a moment to consider reviewing your year. Identify strategies that worked for you and those that didn’t. In addition, adjust plans that didn’t work and have a plan to keep adjusting till you find something that works.
  2. Have a Theme for the year and set Goals: What would you like to be your primary achievement in the new year? It could be to graduate from school or learn a new skill. Whatever it is, this primary goal could then be divided into smaller, achievable goals to pursue during the year.
  3. Unclutter your mental and physical space: Like we said earlier, also take time out to relax, decongest and clear your mind. You could also take a vacation or reorganize your office space to prepare for the new year.
  4. Invest in yourself: Think about your vision and goals for life and invest accordingly. You could start simply by taking an online class or even reading a book. The idea here is to invest in developing the skills you need for the life you want.
  5. Find an accountable partner: Sometimes, the reason we don’t achieve the goals we’ve set is because we are not accountable to anyone about them. Instead, share your goals for the year with your spouse, close friend, or mentor. Sharing those goals commits you to pursue and strive to achieve them.

What other personal qualities do you believe are essential for success in the year ahead? Also, what process do you employ to end the year right and start the new year on the right note? Feel free to leave us your thoughts and comments. As always, we would love to hear from you.

Today’s Funny Quote

To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target. Ashleigh Brilliant

Our funny quote for today is by Ashleigh Brilliant, the Author and Cartoonist. He said:

To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

What do you think about this style of goal setting? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.

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