How to Stay Positive and Think like an Optimist

How to Stay Positive and Think like an Optimist

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Without a doubt, so many unexpected things have happened in 2020. So much in fact that for many, it’s been almost impossible to stay positive and optimistic about anything anymore. Interestingly, this is a challenge people all over the world face every day. For example, everyone has to deal with financial, relationship and work-related challenges, to mention just a few. Yet, there are some who despite these problems, always have an optimistic outlook on life. So, the question is how do you stay positive and optimistic about life? Also, how do you think like an optimist? In this post, we will discuss the all-important subject of staying positive regardless of what happens around you. In addition, we will discuss reasons why its important to think like an optimist and practical ways to stay positive. The primary message to take from this post is that staying positive is a deliberate decision we all can make. We hope that when you’re done with this post, you will consider making a decision to always stay positive.

What does it mean to be optimistic? According to Oxford dictionary, it means being hopeful and confident about the future. This is why optimism is so important; without it, there is no hope or confidence about the future. In our context, thinking like an optimist helps one realize that despite current circumstances, things will get better. Earlier in this post, we posed the question of how to stay positive and optimistic about life. The simple answer to that question is hope. This is simply because if there is hope that things will change or get better, anyone can stay positive.

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Six Reasons to think like an Optimist

Staying positive can be hard, especially if one does not understand what benefits it provides. Here are six benefits of staying positive:

  1. It opens one up to new possibilities.
  2. Being optimistic helps one overcome setback easily.
  3. It lifts life’s many burdens from off one’s shoulders.
  4. Optimism keeps one motivated to act.
  5. Optimistic people are more committed to their goals.
  6. Being optimistic keeps one in better mental and physical health.

Like we said earlier, being optimistic is all about hope and the benefits it can bring into one’s life. So, if for example, you’ve experienced setbacks this year, thinking like an optimist, or staying hopeful could be immensely helpful. It will give you the fortitude to dust yourself up and get back up again.

How to Stay Positive and Think like an Optimist

Here are some practical ways to keep yourself positive and thinking like an optimist:

  1. Identify and Replace the Negativity around You: First, make a conscious effort to identify the sources of negativity in your life and replace them. Such negativity could be in the form of habits, thinking patterns or even negative friends. Once identified, come up with practical steps to stop such negativity and replace it with positivity.
  2. Surround Yourself with Positive People: Positivity, like negativity is contagious. Another practical way to stay positive is to surround yourself with positive people. When you do, their lifestyle and aura will naturally begin to influence your thinking, gradually changing it. In addition, such people could give you helpful support at times when it’s hard not to be negative.
  3. Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude: A big part of being optimistic involves being appreciative for what you have. Another way to cultivate optimistic thinking is to regularly identify and appreciate the good in your life. Gratitude helps you see what good you have in your life and gives you hope for what you’re expecting.
  4. Meditate: Meditation can serve as a useful tool for bringing clarity and focus in times of difficulty. Besides giving you the time to identify the good in your life, it also helps you think things through.
  5. Accept Change and be Quick to find Solutions: As they say, change is the only constant thing in life. However, most people are not receptive to change because of the discomfort it sometimes brings. Thinking like an optimist involves seeing change as an opportunity, not challenge and making the most of it.

How have you managed to stay optimistic this year? Are there any specific ways you keep yourself optimistic and hopeful? Feel free to leave us your thoughts and comments at the end of this post. As always, we would love to hear from you.

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If you think your boss is stupid, remember: you wouldn’t have a job if he was any smarter. John Gotti

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If you think your boss is stupid, remember: you wouldn’t have a job if he was any smarter.

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