Five Thoughtful Ways to Help People in Need while on Lockdown

Five Thoughtful Ways to Help People in Need while on Lockdown

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When the year 2020 began, nobody really knew how much of an effect the coronavirus would have on the world. Sadly, it has affected every nation on earth today in one form or the other. For example, many have lost their jobs or closed their businesses because of the lockdown and its economic effects. And while governments have passed bills that provide some form of relief, the have mostly been too little, too late. Despite these challenges, not everyone has been affected so adversely by COVID-19. As a matter of fact, a large part of most national workforce’s have not been severely affected. So, the question we explore today is how can those not affected help people in need? In our post today, we will review some thoughtful ways to help people in need while on lockdown. We hope this post will inspire you to reach out to your friends and neighbors in safe and thoughtful ways.

In these unprecedented times, it is important to consider the needs of others and how we can help. Difficult as it may be to believe, chances are that there are others in more difficult positions than you. These for example would include the elderly, sick, and those who have lost their jobs due to the extended lockdown.

Interestingly, financial assistance is not the only way to help people during this lockdown. In addition, one could help by checking in on elderly neighbors to make sure they are okay, for example.

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In the next section, we will mention five reasons why you should consider helping others. We will then go on to discuss five thoughtful ways to help people in need while on lockdown.

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Helping Others

One thing history has taught us is that we are stronger together. The Concepts of Synergy and Teamwork help us understand that we are stronger when we are united than when apart. So, here are five reasons why you should consider helping others during this pandemic:

  1. Helping others helps us psychologically. It directs our focus away from problems beyond our control and towards solvable problems.
  2. Helping others promotes our physical health.
  3. It gives a sense of purpose and meaning to one’s life.
  4. Helping others connects us to them, create stronger communities and helps build a happier society for everyone.
  5. Helping others makes one feel happy and fulfilled.
Five Thoughtful Ways to Help People in Need while on Lockdown

Here are five thoughtful ways to help people in need while on lockdown.

  1. Feed those in Need: One thoughtful way to help people in need during this period is by feeding them. One easy way to do this is by donating supplies to your local store or Religious group. Since most Churches and Mosques already have a network to effectively dispensed such donations, you can take advantage of that.
  2. Volunteer your Teaching Skills to Support Home Schooling: Since the lockdown began, parents have had to home-school their children. As you can imagine, this is an added responsibility to everything else they do. So, if you have teaching experience, you could consider offering to teach children in a safe environment.
  3. Support Charities and Emergency Agencies: Another way to help people in need is by giving financial and other support to charities and emergency agencies. You can donate relief materials, funds or help in distributing donated items to those in need.
  4. Reach Out to People struggling with Mental Health Issues: The effects of the coronavirus pandemic has thrown many people into a state uncertainty. In turn, this has led to discouragement, hopelessness, and a general sense of being overwhelmed. One thoughtful way to help others facing such issues is to offer hope and encouragement. A few thoughtful, heartfelt words of encouragement could go a long way to help others.
  5. Help the Homeless: Homeless people are particularly vulnerable ordinarily. During the pandemic, they are at even greater risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus. One way to help them is by giving clothing, money, and disinfection products like hand sanitizers and face masks. You could even take it upon yourself to periodically drop off such materials, food, and funds to homeless persons. They will appreciate it and you will be saving a life.  

In what thoughtful ways have you helped people in need during this lockdown? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section at the end of this post. As always, we would love to hear from you.

Today’s Funny Quote

When your Mother asks if you want a piece of advice. Erma Bombeck

Our funny quote today is by Erma Bombeck, the American Humorist and Newspaper Columnist:

When your mother asks, ‘Do you want a piece of advice?’ it is a mere formality. It doesn’t matter if you answer yes or no. You’re going to get it anyway.

What do you think? Was your Mom like that? Leave us your comments at the end of this post. We would love to hear from you.

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