Helpful Career Tips for recent Graduates

Helpful Career Tips for Recent Graduates

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In this post, we share several helpful career tips recent graduates will find useful. Are you a recent College graduate, eager to put the knowledge you have acquired to good use? Are you worried that getting a great job right after school might be difficult? Or are you worried about the effects the Coronavirus pandemic might have on the job market? If you answered yes to these questions, we encourage you to read on.

Being a College or University graduate is a major life achievement. Among other things, it provides certified proof that one has the requisite skills needed for a successful career. Sadly though, these days, a bachelor’s degree is not usually enough to get one a well-paying job. Most employers now require a few years of experience or post graduate degrees for certain jobs. Along with this, job shortages means only the best, most prepared candidates will be considered for jobs. So, the question is,  What should recent College graduates do to prepare themselves for the job market?

In the next section, we will endeavor to provide some helpful career tips for recent graduates. However, before we discuss these tips, here are a few links to related posts that you might find equally helpful:

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Helpful Career Tips for Recent Graduates

Recent graduates experience both excitement and uncertainty at this time of their lives. Excitement because they just graduated and their whole lives are in front of them. And uncertainty, because they may not necessarily know in what direction their lives are heading. Regardless of what your experiences are, we encourage you to consider the following helpful career tips:

  1. Attend Training’s and Seminars: Like we mentioned earlier in this post, a bachelor’s degree is just the foundation for a successful career. As a recent graduate, invest time and money in training programs and seminars. If you are in the IT field, for example, you can take time to train and acquire IT certifications. Examples of such IT certifications include the Comptia A+, Network+ and Security + certifications or the Cisco CCNA certification. Since most Employers require job experience, you can acquire it while training for these IT certifications. The key is to ensure that these training’s and seminars align with your intended career path.
  2. Be Strategic about your First Job: Like your first car, your first job is special, and you never really forget what it was. Nevertheless, since your first job may not necessarily be your dream job, be strategic about it. For example, instead of waiting to get your dream job, you can intern at a company that has those jobs. Internships are an excellent way to gather experience and prove that you could be an asset to a company.
  3. Improve your Communication Skills: As a Graduate in the digital age, you must know how to communicate effectively. Of course, this includes via phone, email, and social media. Good communication skills will help you to stand out from other candidates and can prepare you for your desired job position.
  4. Build Networks: Our next helpful career tip is about networking and its importance in building a successful career. These days, having the right skills and education is not enough without the right network connections. Networking or building a professional network of colleagues requires an understanding of interpersonal relationships. Simply put, you must be friendly to make friends. Another way to build and solidify such networks is through social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Good networks can provide you with job opportunities and referrals when necessary.
  5. Update your Resume: Basically, your resume is a summary of your educational qualifications and work experience. As a recent graduate, you should keep your resume updated with new work experience so recruiters are aware of your new skills.
  6. Get a Mentor: In our post titled Seven reasons why Mentors are Important, we discuss several reasons why everyone, including recent graduates need mentors. Mentors play a huge role in the career success of their proteges. From giving advice and constructive criticism to leveraging their networks for your career benefit, mentors can make all the difference.

Are you a recent college graduate? We encourage you not to be afraid. This is a great time to be alive and entering the workforce. Did you find our helpful career tips for recent graduates useful? What other tips have your learnt and kept for use? Feel free to share them with our other readers. We would love to hear from you.

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