Ten Creative Things to Do When You Are Stuck at Home

Ten Creative Things to Do When You Are Stuck at Home

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As we all know, most Countries have issued a stay-at-home order to prevent the spread of the Corona-virus. As a result of this, being stuck at home has affected people both positively and negatively. Negatively because the sudden change has left lots of people bored and frustrated and positively, because some others have discovered creative things to do while stuck at home. In this post, we outline some creative things you can do at home. For your convenience, we’ve sub-divided them into two sections; fun things you can do with your spouse and things you can do with your children.

While we agree that staying home all day can be difficult, we encourage you to find creative things to do. Interestingly, there are several creative things one can do at home if one puts some thought and imagination into it. Before we get into it though, we’d like to provide you with a list of other related posts we’ve written. We believe you’ll find them equally useful:

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With that said, let’s look at some creative things you can do with your spouse or significant other.

Creative Things to Do with your Spouse (or Significant Other)

Whether you are married or not, this is a great time to do fun things with your significant other. Doing such things will help create fun and lasting memories and strengthen the bond you have with each other. On that note, here are five creative things you can do with your spouse if you’re both stuck at home:

  1. Review your Life together: Take some time to review your time together and talk about the changes, growth and expectations you have. While it may not be the most comfortable thing to do, it will help you both understand your expectations and help your relationship flourish.
  2. Rearrange your Furniture: Since you are both stuck at home, this is an opportunity to try something fun. Rearranging your furniture will give your home a different look from what you’re used to and may turn out to be a better layout. Besides this, it gives you something you can both do together while sharing ideas and opinions.
  3. Create an Exercise Routine Together: Since most of us are now stuck at home, we may not get the chance to exercise as much as we would. Creating an enjoyable exercise routine will make home exercise interesting while keeping you both physically, emotionally and mentally healthy.
  4. Give Each Other Home Massages: Giving each other massages can also help in keeping you both relaxed during these uncertain times. Besides this, such massages can also relieve stress and help you both get ready for the next day’s task.
  5. Plan Date Night together: While you can’t have date night outside, planning a special evening you can enjoy at home is a great idea. This should be a special time you both share at least once a week that involves something you both enjoy. An example could be choosing a special meal you can cook together while having fun and enjoying each other’s company.
Creative Things to Do with your Children

The current Corona-virus lock down also has children stuck at home. This means that parents need to find creative things to do with their children, now that schools are closed. Being stuck at home with kids without planned activities can be stressful especially since they have lots of energy. But not to worry, here are five creative things you can do with your kids while stuck at home.

  1. Have a Costume Night: This involves letting your children pick a cartoon or living character they love and dressing up in their costumes. Additionally, you can put a nice twist on it by letting them act out a movie scene of singing a song by the character. It could be so much fun for them and gives you a chance to know the characters they love.
  2. Play Board Games with Them: Being stuck at home could be a good opportunity to teach them fun board games like Scrabble, Chess or Monopoly. You could also use the opportunity to teach them about life, character, discipline, etc.
  3. Have an Indoor Picnic: Since you can’t take them out, you could plan an indoor picnic that makes them have as much fun inside as they would have outside. One nice way to do this is by creating a large area in your sitting room for the picnic. The idea here is to get creative with your plans and have fun.
  4. Make a Family Scrapbook: If you have pictures or drawings of your children you can put them into an album or scrapbook with them. As you do, you can explain who each person is, where the event took place and any other questions they may have.
  5. Learn new Cooking Recipes with Them: Instead of repeating recipes for foods you eat at home, you can learn new ones with your children. As you learn these new recipes, you can carry them along and cook them. This way, they learn to cook, and you get help in the kitchen as you cook.

How have you been handling being stuck at home? Have you found new creative things to do while stuck at home? How do you help your children have fun and remain active? Feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with us. We would love to hear from you and I’m sure your ideas could be useful to our other readers.

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