Ten Excellent Tips on How to deal with a Difficult Boss

Ten Excellent Tips on How to deal with a Difficult Boss

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In our post today, we take a look at ten excellent tips on how to deal with a difficult Boss. We also take a look at the different types of Bosses you might run into. The difference between a good Boss and a difficult Boss is enormous. Not only do they have a significant impact on productivity, good Bosses can positively impact employee morale and happiness. Sometimes, employees find themselves working for a Boss that is unusually difficult. For no apparent reason, they discover that this Boss just doesn’t like them or is very difficult when dealing with them. In such cases, what do you do? Quit? Get your Boss fired? Or accept your fate and continue to work for said difficult Boss till he is replaced? 

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Now, unless you change jobs frequently, chances are that you will only work under a few Bosses throughout your career. That being said, how do you identify the type of Boss you have?

The Five Types of Difficult Bosses you may have to Work with

Like we said, understanding your Bosses personality, temperament and motivations can provide useful ideas on how to work with him. For example, determining if she has anger issues can help you steer clear when she’s upset. On the other hand, your boss could be a micro-manager, a bully, show favoritism or just be incompetent. With that said, here is a categorization of the five types of difficult bosses you may encounter.

  1. The Narcissist Boss: Narcissistic bosses only care about themselves. They only care about perks and bonuses that apply to them or how they look to company management. As a result, they are self-centered, self-serving and always believe themselves to be right.
  2. The Micro-Manager Boss: These are bosses who tend to latch on to minor details. They make a big fuss over minute details, instead of seeing the big picture. The Micro-manager boss will always try to enforce his minor inputs, which may ultimately affect your project.
  3. The Slave Driver Boss: These bosses are generally difficult because someone from senior management is pressuring them. Their primary concern is getting the job done, regardless of how overworked or underpaid their employees are. They tend to not care because their jobs are on the line if they fail.
  4. The Ghost Boss: Ghost bosses pretend to care about their employee’s development. However, they don’t care enough to provide the resources and support needed for that growth. Also, they rarely communicate with subordinates, leaving their staff in the dark about expectations and project timelines.
  5. The Boss with Favorites: These type of difficult bosses only give perks, bonuses and promotions to staff they like. This is particularly difficult because they can have unknown criteria they use to favor a subordinate.

Use the list above to categorize your past bosses. What type of Bosses have you worked with in the past? What type of Boss do you have now? Feel free to leave us a comment at the end of this post. We would love to hear from you.

Ten Excellent Tips on How to deal with a Difficult Boss

Here are some excellent tips on how to deal with a difficult boss:

  1. Make sure you’re actually dealing with a bad Boss: If you ever find yourself in a difficult position at work, first check yourself. In most cases, chances are that your Boss is only being difficult because of mistakes you’ve made. So, don’t simply conclude that you have a bad Boss. Identify issues that have caused disagreements in the past and try to figure out what you could have done better.
  2. Be Proactive: A Boss could be difficult because they are swamped with work. One way to deal with a difficult boss is to find ways to reduce their workload. By proactively anticipating their needs, you can help make difficult things less complicated. As an added advantage, when a Boss sees that you are proactively assisting them, they will rely increasingly on you.
  3. Be Patient: Being patient has several rewards. Patience allows one to assess a situation in a calm and logical manner before deciding on the best route forward.
  4. Demonstrate Strong Qualities to Win Your Boss Over: Bosses are always looking for efficient employees to work with. Having a difficult boss can be an opportunity to prove your skills and abilities. By making simple changes, such as showing up to work on time or offering to handle difficult projects, you can make your boss take note of you for promotions. 
  5. Put Yourself in your Boss’s Shoes: Difficult as it may be to believe, your difficult boss is very human. Every once in a while, try to see things from her perspective and decide what you would have done. Also, take note of their personal lives. Try to understand his emotional perspective when making decisions. Ask questions to understand his family and private life. You will find that such an understanding helps reduce rifts between the two of you.
  6. Don’t assume your Boss knows everything: Just because someone has a managerial title doesn’t mean that they have all the right answers, all the time. In fact, some managers are hired because they have related skills or similar experience in the field they are hired to. As a result, they may need the input of employees on best practices and things to avoid.
  7. Always be one step ahead: This means being proactive. However, in our context, it also means being as productive as you can and meeting your project deadlines before they’re due. The simple truth is that if your Boss cannot find fault in your work, they won’t be difficult towards you.
  8. Compliment their Weaknesses: Even in the corporate world, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. While you can intentionally allow your Bosses failures to become exposed, complimenting those weaknesses can prove beneficial to you and your colleagues.
  9. Get help from Co-Workers: One sure sign that your boss is difficult to work with is when your co-workers also share the same sentiment. In such a case, talk to similar minded co-workers and come up with ways to assist. The idea is to collectively work together to help your Boss and team to succeed.
  10. Avoid being Defensive: Being defensive or unwilling to take corrections can cost you greatly. It can cause you to lose valuable recommendations for a promotion or new job. Instead, be willing to learn and become better at what you do. Having such a humble attitude can be the key that leads to your promotion.

How have you dealt with difficult bosses in your own career? Have you been able to find ways to work with them or did you fail completely at winning them over? Feel free to leave us a comment at  the end of this post. We would love to hear from you.

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