Ten Career Development Tips for a Successful Year

Ten Career Development Tips for a Successful Year

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Career development is a must if you intend to become exceptionally successful at what you do. While this process sometimes takes time, it ensures that you are well rounded and ready for the success it brings. In our post today, we take a look at ten career development tips to help you have a successful year.

This is 2020 and we live in a world of rapid change. The simple truth is that almost every day, new industries, standards and trends emerge. These emerging trends require cutting edge skills to keep abreast and remain relevant. The only way to develop skills for today’s world is through career development.

What is Career Development?

Simply defined, Career development can be described as the ongoing process of managing one’s life, learning and work in order to move forward towards a desired future. This is particularly useful for employees because it helps them achieve their career objectives.

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Now, let’s take a look at some useful career development tips for a successful year in 2020.

Career Development Tips for a Successful Year
  1. Find a Mentor: Our first career development tip is to find a Mentor. A mentor is a leader and guide. In most cases, this person is a reflection of what you want to be down the road. The Mentor-Protegee relationship allows one to learn by example and observation, through close contact with the Mentor.
  2. Learn something new Every Day: In addition to getting better at what you know, it is important to realize the things you don’t know. Simple as it may sound, knowing what you don’t know can be the first step to learning new things. It is interesting to note that, ignorant people tend to think they know everything. On the other hand, knowledgeable people have a ferocious thirst for more knowledge. So what type of person are you? In order to develop your career, you must commit to learning new things and you will find that it helps you create a new world of possibilities.
  3. Become Indispensable: Whenever there’s an opportunity to do some work, offer to take up the task. By doing so, you learn more and gain more experience than others on your team. The more assignments you take on successfully, the more skillful and indispensable you ultimately become.
  4. Build a network of Contacts: One way to develop of a network of professional contacts is through participation in professional communities, conferences and seminars. Share your contact details at these events and get the contact details of other professionals. You will find these contact details useful if you ever decide to change jobs or start your company.
  5. Attend Seminars and Conferences: Seminars and conferences are another great way to engage in career development. By finding relevant seminars, you can also acquire skills that may be helpful to your career progression.
  6. Step outside of your Comfort Zone: It’s easy to get comfortable with the status quo at work. However, career growth happens when you do things out of the ordinary. One way to step out of your comfort zone is through side projects. Side projects can help show your employer that you have the required skills to advance in your career.
  7. Be open to Criticism and Feedback: Criticism can be an excellent way to get feedback from your superiors at work. However, for it to be useful towards your career development, pay attention to the issues raised. Don’t concern yourself with the person who criticizes or the method of delivery. Instead, glean out teachable nuggets that can help your career and move on.
  8. Be Yourself always: Time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Rather than that, build the courage to follow your own intuition and dreams. No matter what field you work in, always be yourself. This is because pretending to be something you are not, can stall your career development.
  9. Maintain a good Work-Life Balance: In today’s busy world, creating a balance between your work and personal life can be challenging. Most times, this invariably leads to a poor work-life balance which can result in stress, reduced productivity and unhappiness. On the other hand, a healthy work-life balance can make all the difference between a good career and a great one.
  10. Become a Mentor: Mentoring newcomers demonstrates passion and your devotion to your industry. In fact, being a mentor can be a distinguishing quality that helps you stand out for a promotion or new position.

We hope you found these tips helpful. What tips have you used to advance your career development in the past? Feel free to leave us a comment at the end of this post; we would love to hear from you.

Today’s Funny Quote

Success is made by lazy men looking for easier ways to do things. Robert A. Heinlein

As is our custom, we end today’s post with a funny quote. Our funny quote today is by Robert A. Heinlein, the Science Fiction Author and Engineer

Progress is made by lazy men looking for easier ways to do things.

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