Five ways to prepare for Success in 2020

Five Ways to Prepare for Success in 2020

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The year 2019 has been quite a year. If you are like most people, you’re probably approaching the end of the year with bitter-sweet feelings. That’s because this December marks the end of a great year and an even greater decade. You’ve also probably wondered what steps you need to take to prepare for success in 2020. If you have, it is a legitimate question. Preparing yourself for success next year will take focus, determination and setting achievable goals, among other things.

In this Innovate Today post, we take a look at five ways to prepare for success in 2020. Regardless of your level of success this year, recognize that you can achieve even more in the year ahead. Such success is achievable if one can take the right steps to prepare and pursue the right goals.

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Even though the year is quickly coming to an end, there are tangible steps you can take right now to position yourself for success in the New Year. Take a quick minute right now to think about the year 2020. Think about your hopes and dreams. Also think about the things you want to achieve. Now, make a decision to pursue those hopes and dreams till you achieve them.

With that said, lets jump right into five ways to prepare for success next year.

Five Ways to Prepare for Success in 2020
  1. Reflect on the past Twelve Months: One of the best things about the year’s end is that it prepares one to reflect and review. However, while reflecting, be sure to take a look at what went right and what went wrong. Take a look at your successes and failures. Most people don’t realize that they can learn just as much from their successes as they can from their failures. In this regard, what goals were you unable to achieve this year? Why were you unable to reach them? What things can you do to prepare for success in those areas next year? Reflect on these questions and come to concrete conclusions.
  2. Set clear Goals for the New Year: After taking time to reflect, it’s time to begin setting goals for the New Year. However, these goals should be realistic and achievable. The best way to ensure that is to build your goals for next year on your successes and failures. For example, if you started a sales company this year, that was a success. For next year, set a goal to only sell quality products. On the other hand, if you wrote an exam this year and failed, set a goal to prepare harder, take the exam again and this time, pass. Also, while setting your goals for next year, remember to create plans that help you achieve them in small, easy to measure steps. For example, to succeed in your exams, the first step will be to take training classes. Then, you can try your hands on exam practice questions to determine how much you know and then try more practice questions till you’re ready to take the exam.
  3. Consider your Training Needs: As we said earlier, some of your goals may require you to acquire new skills. Interestingly, the only way to develop new skills is through proper training. This can be in the form of classes in College, Certifications, business training or by even by reading books. Regardless of what method you use, training is necessary. To start with your plans for training, consider both industry-specific and general business training’s that can help you achieve your goals.
  4. Consider your Funding Sources: Are your growth plans for 2020 going to require additional funding, loans or lines of credit? The answer to that question is most probably Yes. Many people are unable to achieve a lot of their goals for the year due to lack of funds. By budgeting, you can free up the resources you need to achieve your goals. To do this, plan ahead, set budgets and find ways to cut costs and save money. 
  5. Organize your Workplace: For most people, chances are that you have clutter and junk taking up valuable space. This clutter could be in your mind, office or home. So while preparing for the New Year, also take time out to organize yourself and free things up. This can be done by clearing out your office work space and also making a To-Do list of tasks you need to accomplish. By clearly defining what things need to be done, you’ll find that you take clutter out of your life when each task is completed.

As we conclude this post, we would like to emphasize that the best way to prepare for success in 2020 is to plan for the year ahead of time. Avoid waiting till the year begins before you start making plans. Also, the importance of goal setting cannot be over emphasized as it sets the pace for what you will achieve during the year.

How have you prepared yourself to achieve success in the past? Is there a routine you go through? Do you make your plans along with prayers? Leave us a comment at the end of this post. We would love to hear from you.

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