Five benefits of Good Customer Service

Five benefits of Good Customer Service

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Great businesses are built on good customer service. As you’ll probably agree, getting people through the door in business is essential to success. However, keeping clients and turning them into loyal repeat customers is a whole other challenge. For example, a buyer who makes a onetime purchase could be doing so on impulse. On the other hand, buyers who make repeat purchases are loyal customers who could patronize you for years. So how do you turn one time customers into repeat customers? In most cases, the way to do so is through good customer service.

In our post today, we discuss what customer service is and discuss five of its benefits as it relates to your overall business marketing strategy.

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What is Customer Service?

The Oxford dictionary defines Customer service as “the assistance and advice provided by a company to those people who buy or use its products or services”. Every company that intends to keep its customers must engage it. Also, its important to note that customer service is not just about customer support. It also involves protection of your brand by ensuring that your products or services live up to the promises you made to your customers.

Five benefits of Good Customer Service

Good customer service will benefit your business in many ways. In this section, we list five such benefits of good customer service.

  1. It generates repeat business: One of its main benefits is that it persuades people to do business with your company more than once. It ensures that customers are so pleased with your product or service that they naturally return for more. That being said, repeat sales are almost never accidental. Good customer service ensures that customers have a personal connection with your business while buying or making use of your services. This ensures a positive customer experience for them and a loyal customer base for you. It also grows your customer base because happy customers are more likely to share their experience with others, increasing the number of customers you have. 
  2. It enhances business reputation: Boosting your company’s reputation is another advantage of good customer service. As you know, customers talk about their experience with businesses. In fact, several online platforms exist to rate customers’ experiences. Business review platforms such as Yelp and Google My Business help customers know what their experiences might be when they do business with others. By delivering good customer service, companies can take advantage of such reviews to increase their sales and customer base.
  3. It generates more income: With more customers, companies experience increased sales. This in turn means more money to hire new employees, invest in the latest technology, and ultimately, expand your business.
  4. It provides Competitive Advantage: What separates you from those that are in competition with you? Sure, you may offer slightly different products or services but unless you have a very unique product or service, you will need to take advantage of the benefits of good customer care. Providing excellent customer service has the potential to set you apart from your competitors. By emphasizing excellent customer service in your marketing strategy and then backing it up, you can set yourself apart from companies that don’t deliver on their promises, creating a sense of uniqueness about your business.
  5. It creates a better Work Environment: A company that consistently provides exceptional customer experiences doesn’t just benefit costumers. It also has a positive effect on its employees. For instance, having happy customers makes for happy employees. This is because the attitudes of hostile costumers could rub off on employees and affect other customers. Also, being part of a company everyone likes is good for one’s job satisfaction.

The benefits of good customer service are really enormous. If you own or run a company, you should definitely put some thought into your customer service strategy.

Besides the benefits we’ve listed above, good customer service also helps identify problems with products and services so they can be fixed. In general, good customer service helps companies identify problematic issues before they result in lost customers. It also ensures that each customers experience is tailored to what the company intends, thus driving the company brand and sales.

Today’s Funny Quote

For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat and wrong. H. L. Mencken

As we conclude today’s post, we would like to share this funny quote by H. L. Mencken, the American Journalist and Scholar of American English with you,

For every complex problem, there is a solution that is simple, neat and wrong.

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