Seven team management skills you need to effectively lead your team

Seven Team Management Skills you need to Effectively Lead your Team

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Organizations of all types require managers with the right team management skills. These skills are needed to ensure that human resources are used to produce maximum profit and growth. It is a known fact that working as a team ensures achievement of corporate goals within the stipulated time. However, to effectively lead your team, certain team management skills are needed. In today’s post, we discuss seven team management skills you will need to effectively lead your team.

It was John C. Maxwell that eloquently phrased the need for effective leadership in a quote. He said

Everything rises and falls on Leadership.

This quote underscores the importance of leadership to success. This post is dedicated to understanding what team management skills are and what particular skills are needed to effectively lead teams. If you are a leader or manage a team of any size, we believe you will find this post helpful. Other related posts we’ve written that you might find equally useful are listed below:

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What are Team Management Skills?

Team management skills are the certain attributes of an individual to administer and coordinate a group of individuals to fulfill specific tasks in an organization. The objective of team management is achievement of assigned goals. As a matter of fact, teams are only as effective as they are at achieving assigned tasks. Consequently, team management involves teamwork, communication, objective setting and performance appraisals. Moreover, team management requires the ability to identify problems and resolve conflicts. These team management skills can be developed through learning and also through practical experience.

Seven Team Management Skills you need to Effectively Lead your Team

As we’ve seen, good team management skills are necessary for team success. In this section, we have listed seven team management skills needed to effectively lead teams:

  1. Vision: The very essence of leadership is to have a vision. To lead effectively, time must be taken to review team goals and objectives. Questions must also be asked about how best to harmonize team goals with overall company goals. Reviewing weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals with team members will help give them a clear understanding of what is required. This also helps them determine what their priorities should be and translates to vision.
  2. Confidence: Confidence is needed to lead effectively. This confidence should come from excellent subject matter knowledge and management skills. Knowing your job will make you confident and this expertise will positively influence your team. Along with trusting yourself as a leader, also show the same confidence in your team members. 
  3. Organization skills: Is it possible to be disorganized and yet be a good leader? It’s doubtful. This is because leadership gives structure to teams, tasks and projects. To effectively manage teams, you must place importance on organization, structure and procedure. Organizational skills help guide the process of teamwork from start to finish.
  4. Strategic Thinking: Thinking strategically is at the core of team success. It implies an understanding of team strengths and weaknesses and using them to achieve success. For example, an effective team leader will position team members where they are likely to perform at their best. She will also finds ways to reduce the effects of team member weaknesses on established goals. Doing this requires strategic thinking and understanding members of your team.
  5. Effective Communication: This is crucial to the success of teams. Not only is it required from team leaders, it’s also necessary between team members. This ensures that work is done efficiently, while taking into consideration, things learnt from other team members.
  6. Proactive Detection and Resolution of Problems: Putting out fires after they start is not the best way to manage a team. As we saw earlier, an effective manager understands his team and their weaknesses. As a result, he is also able to determine possible problem scenarios and prepare solutions in anticipation. This method of leadership is best because it ensures that team goals can still be achieved despite team weaknesses.
  7. Effective Delegation: Delegation is the act of passing on work-related tasks to other employees or subordinates. It involves the process of allowing your tasks to be re-assigned to other employees depending on current workloads. A manager with good delegation skills is able to efficiently re-assign tasks and give authority to the right employees. When delegation is carried out effectively, it helps facilitate quick and easy results. It also helps develop the leadership skills of team members.

Team management is an important subject. We believe these seven management skills, if used consistently, will produce efficient teams that always reach their goals. How have you managed your team in the past? What skills have you found most useful? We would love to hear from you. Leave us a comment in our comments section below.

Today’s Funny Quote

The problem is not the problem Jack Sparrow

As we conclude this article, we would like to share a funny quote by Jack Sparrow, the fictional character from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series,

The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem.

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