Twenty really funny jokes for kids

Twenty really Funny Jokes for Kids

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Kids are just the best! From their cute little faces to their surprising out-of-the-box creative thinking, they make you want to make them happy. In fact, when you’re with children, whether they’re yours or not, there’s really almost nothing better than seeing them smile or burst out with laughter. If you’re like us and feel that way, there’s really no better way to get them laughing than with funny jokes for kids. Kid jokes are awesome, full of puns and often just plain silly.

In our post today, we take a look at twenty really funny jokes for kids in four different categories (School, Parents, Animals and Work). Other related posts on Innovate Today that you may find interesting are listed below:

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On that note, let’s get right to it. Get ready to get your kids laughing and adults rolling their eyes. We hope you and your kids have as much fun reading them as we did putting them together.

Funny Jokes for Kids about School
  1. Question: Why did the teacher wear sunglasses?
    Answer: Because her students were so bright.
  2. A teacher said to one of her students one day, “I wish you’d pay a little attention”. The boy replied, “I’m paying as little as I can.”
  3. Question: Why did the cross-eyed teacher lose her job?
    Answer: Because she couldn’t control her pupils.
  4. Question: Why was the broom late for school?
    Answer: Because he overswept.
  5. Question: Why did the student throw his watch out of the window at school?
    Answer: He wanted time to fly.
Funny Jokes for Kids about Parents
  1. Son: “Mom, I love you so much!”
    Mother: “I don’t have any money, try it with your dad”.
  2. Girl: “Mom stop you are not funny. You never make jokes.”
    Mom: “I made you”.
  3. Me: “Can I sleep over at Melanie’s place?”
    Parents: “Who is Melanie? What’s her social security number?”
  4. Dad: “Why is your January report card so bad?”
    Son: “Well, you know how it is. Things are always marked down after Christmas!”
  5. Son: “How much does it cost to get married, Dad?”
    Father: “I don’t know son, I m still paying for it.”
Funny Kid Jokes about Animals
  1. Question: How do electric eels taste?
    Answer: Shocking.
  2. Question: Why are leopards no good at playing hide and seek?
    Answer: Because they’re always spotted.
  3. Question: Why do gorillas have big nostrils?
    Answer: Because they have big fingers.
  1. Question: How do bears keep their houses cool in summer?
    Answer: Bear conditioning.
  1. Question: What do you call a cold dog sitting on a bunny?
    Answer: A chili dog on a bun.
Funny Jokes for Kids about Work
  1. Question: If a tree falls in the forest and no-one hears it…
    Answer: Then my illegal logging business is a success.
  2. My boss left a presentation on my desk and asked me to look at it and let him know what I thought of it. I told him I’d sleep on it.
  3. I got a job at a paperless office. Everything was great until I needed the loo.
  4. Question: Why did the scarecrow win the Nobel Prize?
    Answer: Because he was out standing in his field.
  1. My grandpa always said you should fight fire with fire. Maybe that’s why he got fired from the Fire Service.
Final Thoughts

Failure is only the opportunity to begin again. Henry Ford

Which of our funny jokes for kids did you find most hilarious? Which ones made you roll your eyes? And which ones didn’t you get? Leave us your comments in the comment section at the end of this post. We would love to hear from you.

As we conclude, we would like to leave you with an inspirational quote for the weekend. This quote is by Henry Ford, the great American Industrialist

Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely.

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