The importance of Integrity in the Workplace

The Importance of Integrity in the Workplace

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Simply put, Integrity in the workplace means behaving honorably and responsibly at work even when no one is watching. The meaning of the word “Integrity” comes from a mixture of several other words such as hard work, responsibility, discipline, honesty, respect, etc. Considering the ethical nature of integrity, we can imply that integrity at work is most likely an offshoot of personal integrity.

In today’s post, we take a look at the subject of integrity, what it is, its benefits and how to show integrity at work. As usual, feel free to leave us a comment at the end of this post or subscribe to our mailing list. You can subscribe here or at the end of this post using our subscribe section.

What is Integrity?

In recent years, Integrity has become a business buzzword. As a matter of fact, most companies refer to it as one of their core values. Despite its common use however, integrity is a fluid concept.

Integrity is the quality of being honest, and having strong moral principles. An employee with integrity is trustworthy, responsible, hardworking and honest among other things. Consequently, integrity is an admirable and favorable quality; one to be desired in every employee.

The importance of Integrity in the Workplace

As we’ve just seen, besides requisite skills, integrity is one of the fundamental values employers seek in the employees they hire. It is the foundation of every person that demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles; whether at work or elsewhere. 

In this section, we list out six benefits of integrity in the workplace that underscore its importance:

  1. It creates an Open and Positive Work Environment: Integrity helps foster an open and positive work environment. Organizations known for their integrity tend to perform better and take an ethical approach to decision-making.
  2. Integrity fosters Respect and Trust: Not only is workplace integrity beneficial to businesses, it is also beneficial to company staff. By placing value on integrity, Companies can help foster other ethical values such as respect, honesty, dependability and trust among employees and the management.
  3. It fosters Reliability: It is no surprise that employees with integrity shine. They do not undermine their fellow workers and work just as hard whether they are being watched or not. This guarantees that they will be forthcoming when they make mistakes and can be counted on to do their best.  
  4. Integrity ensures Quality: Integrity in the workplace will lead to quality products and services.
  5. It enhances Focus: As Sir Walter Scott, the great Playwright and Historian wrote back in 1808,
    Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive! 
    Companies that act with integrity are able to focus their energy on creating quality products and services and creating a work environment that allows employees to shine.
  6. Great Company Culture: Management staff that lead by example and act with integrity, motivate employees to do the same. A corporate culture of integrity helps employees make better decisions with the long-term interests of customers and the company in mind. Such a culture will engender trust and foster collaboration and teamwork.

Do you have employees that have distinguished themselves through their hard work, diligence and integrity? How have you encouraged them? Also, how do you foster integrity in your company? Remember to leave us a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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