Ten steps to building a Corporate Identity for your Business

Ten steps to building a Corporate Identity for your Business

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Building a corporate identity may sound a bit “corporate” when you’re first starting out as an entrepreneur or startup. However, creating an identity for your organization is extremely important regardless of your company’s size, mission or purpose. In reality, your corporate identity defines who you are. It defines the quality of your products or services and what you can do for your customers, partners and public.

We recently published a post titled Five ways Brand Marketing will benefit your Business. In that post, we discussed what a business brand is and five ways it could benefit your business. You can check out the post using the link above.

Today, we discuss actual steps you can take to create a corporate identity for your business. After all, if defining your brand is so important, there must be definite steps one can take to create that all important brand.

On that note, let’s get right to it.

Ten steps to Building a Corporate Identity for your Business
  1. Review your Company’s History, Mission and Methods:  Before establishing a corporate identity, you must first define who you are as a corporate entity. This typically involves examining your business plans, mission statement, company values, strategic plans and any other corporate documents that might define why you exist and what distinguishes you from your competitors.
  2. Figure out what others think about your company:The image you wish to portray about your company and the way it is actually perceived can sometimes be very different. Consequently, when building your brand, you must also understand what your customers think about your company. To do this, one must conduct surveys, ask questions, set up interviews and have general discussions to gain an understanding of how stakeholders view your organization. With the advent of technology today, one can easily do this through social media or directly on your website. Once that perception is understood, you must then decide if you wish to change that perception or not. If your customers are not getting the right message, building your corporate identity can help correct those misgivings.
  3. Look outside the Company: Next, take a look at your competitors. This means identifying businesses that sell similar products or provide the same services you do. Once identified, find out what their customers are saying about them; visit their website and social media pages to see how they run things. The purpose of this exercise is to identify things they are doing right, their weak points and things you can do better so you can get an edge. 
  4. Build a Vision for the Future: While building your corporate identity, take some time to define long term goals for the company. By this, we mean goals and targets you intend to reach in ten or twenty years. Such goals should include your employees, leaders and partners. Having a singular objective you intend to reach in the future has a way of pushing everyone to strive to achieve it.
  5. Design a Logo, Website and Office Stationery: Once you’ve created that vision, share it with your staff, customers and the public. One of the best ways to do so is through a logo, company website and through your office stationery. The best way to let people know your values, who you are and what you do is to detail it clearly through a website. At Innovate Design Studios Ltd, we create custom designed websites for our Clients. Feel free to contact us to get a free, no obligation web design proposal from us. You can also go through our past Innovate Today posts on the subject here: A beginners Guide to launching a Website and Does your Company need a Website.
  6. Ensure Quality in your Products and Service: It’s a fact that companies that offer quality products and services have the best chance of repeat customers. This quality should be reflected throughout your corporate identity, including your products and services.
  7. Build a Healthy Work Environment: Part of building a corporate identity means creating a work environment that encourages creativity and problem solving. As a matter of fact, most Fortune 500 companies are known for having excellent work environments for their employees. This usually includes bonuses and benefits, health and insurance packages, cutting edge tools to work and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.
  8. Pursue and Protect Customer Satisfaction: The best corporate structures include customer safeguards. Keeping your customers in mind when major corporate decisions are made will guarantee that you have loyal customers.
  9. Hire a talented Communications Specialist: Choosing how you communicate with your customers can dictate whether your company will succeed or fail. This is because even if you have the best product on the market, it won’t mean much if no one knows about it.
  10. Test your Corporate Identity: Once you have created what you believe to be a solid corporate identity, test it in your market. To do that, talk with customers and use focus groups to find out what potential clients think of your company. Remember that perception changes so check and re-check your public image.

Have you built a successful corporate image for your company? What steps did you take and what challenges did you face? As usually, feel free to leave us a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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