Five reasons why you should buy a domain name for your Company

Five Reasons why you should Buy a Domain Name for your Company

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Today, we look at five reasons why you should buy a domain name for your company. The purchase of a domain name is the first step toward establishing an online presence for your company. In fact, in today’s IT powered business world, your domain name is probably the first contact your business will have with a prospective client.

This is because traditional business techniques are no longer adequate to reach the modern needs of the average consumer. In our post titled How to choose the Right Domain Name for your Website, we reviewed the subject of domain names in details. We took a close look at what domain names are, including how to find out if a domain name is available and six tips to follow to choose the perfect domain name.

Five reasons why you should Buy a Domain Name for your Company

The right domain name can be crucial to the success a business when combined with a modern, responsive website. Among other things, it promotes a sense of professionalism and satisfaction and can separate your business from the many others in your industry. Your domain name should reflect your brand, while remaining simple and memorable.

Here are five reasons why you should buy a domain name for your company:

  1. Right of Ownership: Once you buy a domain name, you own the rights to all content published through it online. Some domain names are important that they are copyrighted and considered as intellectual property.
  2. Professional Credibility: Purchasing a domain name provides professional credibility for your business. The fact that you can be found online, and having access to use your official company emails gives added credibility to your company.
  3. Establish Business Identity: Buying a domain name helps you create a niche for your business and establish an identity for your business which will help drive sales in turn.
  4. Improve Search Engine Rankings: As you develop your website with quality content, your domain name will gain recognition on search engines and in turn draws customers to your business.
  5. Online Advantage: When you buy a domain name, your business has a presence online that other businesses without websites do not have, giving you an added advantage over them.
Final Thoughts 

Like we said earlier, purchasing a domain name is the first step to creating an online presence for your company. Besides giving you an online presence, it also adds credibility to your business. Also, through your website, accessible through your domain name, you could engage in e-commerce activities or simply provide more information about who you are, what you do, and provide avenues through which your company can be contacted.

That being said, it is important to note that a domain name by itself is not enough. After purchase, effort must be put into building a website, setting up your company emails, search engine optimization, etc. Only then will you be able to take full advantage of the benefits of buying a domain name.

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A Short Video about Why you should Buy a Domain Name For your Company

Here is a short video we created giving five reasons why you should buy a domain name for your company or business. Enjoy.

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    1. Hello Mr. Onyema. Thank you for your comment. We are glad you found this post useful. We are also excited about what you are doing to build capacity and empower our youth in Nigeria and would be glad to discuss your web design needs. You can submit a quote request with details of what you need in your website from our Contact Page here:.
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