What is your dream job

What is Your Dream Job?

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What is your dream job? Have you ever daydreamed about that perfect job? Perhaps it’s a job that would allow you to work from home. Or one that would allow you to have fun, party, travel and meet people, as work. For many, a dream job would be so good that they would work at the job and yet not seem to even be working.

The question about dream jobs is also quite commonly asked at job interviews. So today on Innovate Today, we discuss the subject of dream jobs. We also provide links to excellent articles on how to answer the question at a job interview.

Daydreaming about your Dream Job

Dream jobs are unique and rarely the same for two different people. For some, a dream job is one with a fat paycheck. For others, it offers the opportunity to help others, or simply provides a good balance between work and family life. Our definition of a dream job is one you could do with so much ease that you cannot believe someone would actually pay you to do it.

In connection with this, our funny quote today is written by an anonymous author:

“Question: Tell me, what is your dream job?
Answer: In my dreams, I don’t work” – Anonymous

While this is probably not the best answer to give at a job interview, it sure is funny.

If you would like to find out how to answer the job interview question “What is your dream job”, please visit some of our links below:

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My Dream Job is…

Think back to when you were a child and what you wanted to be when you grew up. How different is what you wanted to be from what you are today? Was that dream unrealistic? Or perhaps did you give up on your dream? We would love to know what you wanted to be growing up. Feel free to leave us a comment in our comments section at the end of this article.

Here are three things you could do to discover what your dream job is:

  1. List out the things are you most passionate about?
  2. What strengths do you have?
  3. Make a list of things upset you the most?

Along with these questions, we suggest that you give it some thought and list out as many answers as you can to each of these three questions. At the end of the exercise, you should be able to have an idea of what field of endeavor you would thrive in. For example, if you are passionate about cleanliness, have an eye for details and are bothered by disorganization, chances are that you may be a great Project Manager or Administrator. The idea here is to follow the areas of your passion and strength.

Final Thoughts

At one point or the other, almost everyone has wished their job was more like what they imagined for a dream job. You can discover your dream job and work towards having it.

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