How to be more productive at Work

How to be more Productive at Work

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Being more productive at work every day ultimately leads to being very successful at what you do. Therefore, it is important to put together a strategy for tackling daily work duties that will make you as productive as possible. In today’s post, we look at four ways to be more productive at work every day.

How do you define productivity? Do you think of it as literally producing more? Or do you define it as being balanced or more in control of what you deliver at work? Whether at a personal business or in a company, everyone should strive to be more productive every day. Doing so will create opportunities for more success for you and give you a sense of purpose and meaning.

What does it mean to have a Productive Day?

Oxford dictionary defines the word “productive” as the ability to produce large amounts of goods, crops, or other commodities. It also defines it as achieving or producing a significant amount of results. We believe this definition best applies to work and what most employers expect of their employees. In other words, a productive employee would achieve significant results at the job they are employed to.

Besides what employers require of their employees, individuals also have expectations about what they consider to be a productive day. Based on our definition of productivity, here are some general goals that if achieved, may mean you had a productive day:

  1. You successfully completed tasks assigned to you for the day;
  2. Successfully concluded projects you have been working on for a while;
  3. You signed on a new client or account.

Ultimately, how productive you are at work is determined by you. However, what things define productivity are set by your employer. As such, productivity can mean different things to different people. It could also be defined by how fast you get something done, how much you get done within a specified time frame or how capable you are at getting work done. What do you consider to be a productive day? Leave us a comment below. We love hearing from our readers. In this post, we share ten short motivational quotes for work that will inspire you.

How to plan a Productive day

As we discussed earlier, being more productive at work is relative. However, like success, it doesn’t happen by accident. Highly successful people are planners. They think strategically and find ways to make the most of their time every day. Their daily effectiveness is what adds up to making them very successful.

In this section, we discuss four steps you can take to plan a productive day and become more effective at what you do. This will guarantee you bugger promotions, better opportunities and ultimately, the success and financial stability you desire.

  1. Have a clear task for the day or a To-do list: Clearly defining what task you need to work on every day helps with focus. It ensures that if other issues arise, you won’t get distracted from your primary duties for the day. A to-do list is an itemized list of all the tasks you need to accomplish in a day. These could be urgent, important or less important. Making such a list before you start you day and referring to it as your day progresses helps you remember everything you need to do before the end of day. It also helps with organization and prioritizing.
  2. Prioritize your tasks: After listing your tasks for the day, the next thing to do is prioritize those tasks by importance and urgency. This way, you can attend to the most important things first, while leaving smaller, less urgent tasks for later in the day.
  3. Focus on one thing at a time: Remember, having a productive day is not about getting a lot done. It is about getting your most important tasks successfully completed. When you focus on each individual task till it’s completed, it allows you to think creatively about possible solutions and complete the task faster than when doing multiple things at once.
  4. Understand that your time is valuable: It is also important to edit your to-do list as your day progresses. You can do this by putting time frames next to the things you need to do. This helps you track how much has been done and whether you will be able to complete your daily tasks before the end of the day. 
Final Thoughts on How to be more Productive at Work

Being more productive at work is beneficial to both the employer and employee. Regardless of what category you fall into, you should strive to be more productive as a worker or bring out the best in your staff as an employer. Doing so reduces stress levels, gives meaning to life and ultimately leads to success in life.

We conclude this post by sharing a quote by Walt Disney, creator of Walt Disney World and many animated films:

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”.

Today’s Funny Quote

A successful man is one who makes more money than his Wife can spend

Our funny quote for today is by Lana Turner, the American Actress and TV Personality

“A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man”. 

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