Five reasons why you hate your job and five things you can do about it

Five reasons why you Hate your Job and five things you can do to fix it

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Do you wonder why you struggle most mornings to get out of bed? Or why the zeal to get going at your job isn’t there anymore? Would you rather spend your day somewhere else than at your job? If you do, you probably hate your job.

Don’t be worried though. The good thing is you are not alone, as most people have had to face this issue at some point in life. In this post, we look at five reasons why you probably hate your job and five things you can do to fix it.

Five reasons why you may hate your job

For the average person, not working isn’t really an option. In fact, unless you were born with a pretty huge trust fund or to super wealthy parents, you will, at some point in life, consider getting a job.

There are several reasons why people get jobs. However, the primary reason for most is to make money. That being said, your job also has a way of defining who you are. As a matter of fact, most people get their sense of identity from what they do. It is not uncommon for people to introduce themselves by their name and then by what they do. Therefore, we can tie positive self identity to a positive view of what one does for a living.

Here are five reasons why most people hate what they do for a living:

  1. They don’t Love What they Do: There is a Chinese quote that says “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”. The truth is as long as you don’t love what you do for a living, you cannot be exceptional but will only manage to get by at best.
  2. Lack of Motivation: If you happen to work in an environment where there are no development opportunities, poor leadership or a general lack of appreciation, you will probably hate your job.
  3. Monotonous Work Schedule: Doing a job that is monotonous can be boring because it has repeated patterns that rarely change. As a result, most people lose interest in their work.
  4. Unrecognized Effort: Most people need some form of recognition and appreciation for a job well done. However, when one is constantly being told what to do and is not appreciated or recognized for their efforts, it may lead to feelings of resentment.
  5. Communication Blocks: Not being able to communicate with your boss or employer definitely makes your job difficult. In such a case, this could lead to ineffectiveness and even a nonchalant attitude. Ultimately, employees who feel they don’t matter grow to hate their jobs.

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Five things you could do if you hate your job

The issue of hating what one does for a living is serious. Millions of people around the world wake up every morning to a job they truly detest. As we saw earlier, this can affect ones’ self esteem, cause stress, unhappiness and even health problems.

So let’s take a look at five things that can be done about a job you hate.

  1. Change your Focus: Instead of letting hate build up, find something you enjoy doing outside your work schedule and pour your energy into it. This way, you have something to look forward to during the day or after work. It could be something as simple as volunteer work, a hobby or even a small business. When you get involved in something you are interested in, you become more productive, your workday becomes less boring and you function maximally. If you are interested, take a look at this post on Ten profitable business ideas with low investments you could try in 2019.
  2. Engage in Personal Development: This way, you make yourself a better person and become more knowledgeable in your field of endeavor. Best of all, you can develop yourself whether or not your company motivates you. Personal development also improves your skills and expands your horizon. Remember, the more you engage in personal development, the greater the chances are that you will be prepared to take advantage of new opportunities when they show up.
  3. Adjust your Mindset: Try reading up on how you can do your job differently. Despite the fact that doing the same thing day in day out can take a toll on you, you can find new ways to handle repetitive tasks to your advantage.
  4. Set Achievable Goals: Setting tangible goals and working towards achieving them gives you something to strive to achieve. This is important even if you work in a company that does not recognize your efforts because these goals can be tailored towards developing of your skills. Sooner or later as you solve problems, get things done quicker and more reliably than others, you will get the recognition and promotions you deserve.
  5. Find new ways to Communicate: As much as possible, communicate your concerns about your job with your boss. However, express your concerns along with possible solutions you think might fix them. This way, you won’t be seen as simply complaining. Communication is key.
Final Thoughts

Being an adult that has a job is hard work. However, its not impossible for you to do your work well and actually love it. Achieving career success is possible but it begins by loving what you do. Check out this Innovate Today post on How to achieve Career Success in 2019. Remember, when you have done all you know how, you only need to stay positive and trust that things will get better.

In conclusion, we share this quote by Chuck Palahnick, the American novelist

“Find joy in everything you choose to do, every job, relationship, home…it’s your responsibility to love it or change it”.

Find joy in everything you do quote - Chuck Palahnick

Today’s Funny Quote

Today’s funny quote was written by an anonymous author:

“Question: Tell me, what is your dream job?
Answer: In my dreams, I don’t work”

Have you ever worked at a job you hated? What did you do about it? How do you think such job situations should be handled? We would love to hear from you. Leave us a comment in our Comments section below. We will respond to everyone that leaves a comment.

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Have a great week ahead and remember, if infact you do hate your job, there are several things you can do about it.

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