How to keep Hope alive during Tough Times

How to keep Hope alive during Tough Times

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Do you feel like you are going through a season of tough times? Does it seem like everywhere you turn, things are hard? Perhaps you feel that the circumstance you’re going through is unusually hard and that you just can’t seem to keep hope alive. If you feel that way, do not fear. In this post, we take a look at practical steps for keeping hope alive during tough times.

On the other hand, if you are not facing any major challenge in your life, family or work, congratulations. We would still like you to go through this post because the truth is that at one point or another, you will face challenges. Therefore, learning how to keep hope alive when things are difficult, even if everything is fine now, is in your best interest.

Why the Message of Hope is important during tough times

Hope is a mindset. Psychology Today defines hope as “the desire for something combined with an anticipation of it happening. In short, hope is the anticipation of something desired”. What this means in other words is that hope is an optimistic way of living life and pursuing goals. Hope helps you believe that as you pursue your goals, you will reach them successfully. This mindset creates an atmosphere around you that encourages success to happen. When you are hopeful, you don’t give up. Rather, you approach problems with a solution-provider, answer-finding mindset which in turn produces answers that create success.

The message of hope is important today because people struggle every day. Without hope, people give up. They lose their reason for living and fall into depression. On the other hand, the hope for success gives people the motivation they need to get up every morning and reach for success. This is why the message of hope is so important; it has the power to fuel success, progress and even life. As the saying goes, where there is hope, there is life.

How to keep Hope alive during Tough Times

In this section, we share seven ways to keep hope alive during tough times:

1. Be Optimistic: As discussed earlier, hope is a mindset that allows you to approach life situations from that perspective that you can succeed. Being optimistic is an offshoot of being full of hope. An optimist believes that despite the challenges he may face, he will come out successful.

2. Assess the situation: Being over-optimistic can be dangerous. In many ways, it is like living in denial. To keep hope alive, we must access the situations we are facing realistically and logically. Identifying what the problems are in a situation gets ones creative juices flowing on how to solve them.

3. Have Courage: When going through tough times, we must be courageous. In the month of September 2018, we took an in depth look at the subject of Courage, what it means and its different dimensions. We encourage you to take a look at some of those posts to understand what it means to have Courage. As you will see, Courage is not always loud and violent. Sometimes, Courage is quite and steady. Either way, it is needed to keep hope alive and go through tough times.

4. Take Action: One interesting thing about fear and hopelessness is that they paralyze. Hopeless people do not take action on their goals. Keeping hope alive can be practiced by ensuring that you take action on your goals and dreams. As you take one step at a time, you will discover that you become more hopeful with each passing day. During tough times, always take action in line with your dreams and goals.

5. Stay around Hopeful people and accept their Support: It is said that if one wants to be successful, one must make friends with successful people. Interestingly, this principle works for almost everything in life. If you have hopeful friends, they will encourage you and fill you with hope. However, if you hang out with depressed and angry people, their anger and hopelessness will probably rub off on you.

6. Don’t give up: Keeping hope alive means fighting for what you believe in. Don’t give up and you will come out of those tough times stronger

7. Find ways to Laugh: During tough times, it’s important to also find times to laugh. Be happy, understanding that your tough times will soon pass. Laughter is very powerful, which is why we always end our posts with a funny quote.

Final thoughts on Keeping Hope Alive

When hope fails, everything fails. As a matter of fact, depression is caused by a lack of hope. It is for this reason that we must guard our hope today and every day going forward. With hope, success is within reach but without it, all is lost.

In commemoration of the celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we would like to share this quote with you

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

If we are able to remain strong when things are tough, we show strength of character.

What kind of challenges are you going through and how have you been dealing with them? Also, how have you dealt with tough times in the past? Please leave us your comments in the comments section below. We love to hear from our readers. Also, when you leave a comment, we will respond to you, if only to say thank you.

Today’s Funny Quote

Today, our funny quote is by Wendell Johnson, the Author, Actor and Psychologist

Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use. – Wendell Johnson

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Enjoy the rest of your week and remember to keep hope alive. See you again on Friday.

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