Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

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Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Yesterday, families all over the world celebrated this wonderful holiday.

Thanksgiving Day marks the beginning of a season of sharing, spending time with family, love and giving thanks for all that has happened in the year. And of course, it is also a time of eating great food.

Thanksgiving: A time for sharing and family

At the beginning of this month, we started a study on the subject of thanksgiving. Our focus so far this month has been to explore what it means to be grateful and thankful. To see our past posts on this subject, please check out our Innovate Today archive for November 2018.

Thanksgiving is a time for family and a time for love. It is a time for sharing and expressing gratitude to those around us. This is not to say that family gatherings for the occasion do not have their challenges. Infact, it is not uncommon for families to have disagreements at this time. The bottom line here is that we should remember to show gratitude, love and forgive.

Why we are Thankful this year

A lot has happened for us at Innovate Design Studios Limited this year. We have experienced a lot of growth, including the successful launch of our inspirational blog, Innovate Today. Here is a list of some of the things we are thankful for this year:

  1. For you, our visitors and customers.
  2. We are thankful for our dedicated staff and employees who make this company run seamlessly
  3. To God Almighty for his divine help and favor this year.

What are you thankful for this year? How did you spend your thanksgiving? It’s not too late to get in touch with members of your family who you’ve not spoken to in a while. Let them know you care and love them. It will mean a lot to them. Also, let us know what you are thankful for (including us). We love to hear from you.

Today’s Funny Quote

We end today’s post with a funny quote from an unknown author.

“There’s always something to be thankful for on Thanksgiving. Even if it’s just for not being a turkey.”

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Thank you for reading and being a part of the Innovate Design Studios family. Have a great weekend and remember to remain thankful.

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