Passion and Reason

Controlling Passion with Reason

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Passion is crucial to success in life. If you have not discovered your purpose, passion can lead you to it. Passion stirs up genius; it is the fuel that propels one towards success. It moves people from meager, mediocre lives to exciting, successful lives.

If passion is so important, why should we need to control it? Why should we seek to balance passion with reason if it has so many benefits? In our posts today, we consider why passion and reason must be used together to be truly successful.

Passion and Reason are like Yin and Yang

The Yin and Yang are a part of Chinese philosophy. Basically, this concept explains how opposite forces that seem contrary can be complimentary when used together. This is the case with passion and reason. While the benefits of passion are numerous, we must understand that they must also be balanced with reason.

If Passion drives, let Reason hold the reins

A more practical example of passion and reason working together can be seen in automobiles. Every car has both an accelerator pedal and a brake pedal. This is because while driving, there are times when you will need to speed up and also times when you need to slow down. Together, the accelerator and brake pedals work as Yin and Yang.

To sum up, let’s take a look at a quote from Benjamin Franklin, the great Inventor and Statesman:

If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins. – Benjamin Franklin

The Dangers of unbalanced Passion

Balance is important. We see how necessary it is necessary in nature and life. Without the balance reason provides to passion, chaos ensues. This is also why truly successful people are both passionate and wise.

We encourage you to live life in line with your passion but to also make ample use of reason. As you take passionate steps towards your goals, ask yourself how logical and reasonable those steps are. Also surround yourself with trusted advisers that can caution and give you a different perspective on things. It will go a long way.

Today’s Funny Quote

As is our custom, we end today’s post with a funny quote. Today’s funny quote is from Claire Cook, the New York Times best selling author:

If plan A fails, remember there are 25 more letters. – Claire Cook

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