Start where you are

Start where you are

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All men are born with lofty dreams; things they wish to accomplish during their lifetime. Many however don’t see these dreams realized for several reasons. Today, we explore one way to accomplish your dreams; start where you are.

Newton’s First Law: Inertia

Simply defined, Inertia is a property of matter that causes it to remain at rest or resist changes to its motion unless it is acted on by an external force. In our context, this means that a person will remain the way he is or where he is until he takes steps to move forward.

Before starting something new, such as a pursuing a dream, starting a new business, company or career, most people typically face a range of challenges. These range from a lack of finances and technical know-how to issues with expertise and the right connections. Simple as it may seem, taking that first step towards your dream usually sets in motion a series of other events that push you towards its accomplishment. So don’t get discouraged as you start out towards your dream.

Arthur Ashe: The Great Tennis Player

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can”. – Arthur Ashe

Arthur Ashe, from the quote above, was an extremely accomplished Professional Tennis player. During his career, he won three Grand Slam Titles and was the first black man to win the Singe Title at Wimbledon, the US Open and the Australia Open. However, besides his career success, Arthur Ashe faced several challenges, primarily in his health. He underwent a quadruple bypass operation twice. During one of those operations, sadly, he contracted HIV from a blood transfusion.

Despite these problems, Arthur Ashe began the Arthur Ashe Foundation for the defeat of AIDS, and became the National Campaign Chairman for the American Heart Foundation. He also founded the Arthur Ashe Institute for Urban Health just two months before his death.

Start where you are

We can accomplish the lofty goals we set for ourselves if we follow the great tennis players advice. Let’s take a closer look at what he said:

  1. Start where you are: The key word here is to start. Many postpone starting their dreams because of finances, education, location or a range of other issues. Sometimes though, you just have to ignore the issues and start. This brings us to Arthur’s second advise;
  2. Use what you have: Starting something new always requires resources. This is where planning and budgeting come in. Start that dream with the resources, both financial and otherwise, that you have. There is absolutely nothing wrong with starting small; it gives room for growth.
  3. Do what you can: According to Arthur Ashe, once you’ve started to pursue your dream, with the resources you have, do all you can with what you have. This means you should work hard. Be focused on your goal and put all you have into it.

The advice to start where you are is probably one of the best one can get. What it implies is that you can start right away. It removes all roadblocks to you starting on your dream and puts it’s accomplishment in perspective.

Concluding Thoughts

As you enter the weekend, here is a funny quote from Phyllis Diller

“Marry a man your own age; as your beauty fades, so will his eyesight”. – Phyllis Diller

What is that big dream you’ve put off or so long? What would happen if you actually began taking steps towards accomplishing it today? Leave us a comment below or on social media. We would love to hear from you.

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